hybridBuild is a sister company with hybridCore Homes and we work as a team to deliver a one stop shop for your custom modular home. A hybridCore Home is a great way to expedite the construction process, but there are still a lot of necessary steps to take before building can commence.  To get to the reward at the end, we will walk alongside you on a journey full of celebrations and challenges.  Our team here has the expertise to keep the project moving but also the personal touch to support the building of your dream.

Ensure the Project is the Right Fit

We will do a site analysis, preliminary pricing, and assist with your project prerequisites

Finalize Floor Plan and Elevation

Meet with one of our designers to modify a library plan or we can design something custom

Complete Site Specific Engineering

Our office will coordinate the structural engineering, civil engineering, and energy analysis of your home

Select Interior Finishes

Our design team will walk you through all the interior selections for cabinets, counter tops, appliances, tile, and paint colors

Submit to State and Local Jurisdiction for Permit

This is a two part submittal process to the approving parties.  Each locale has different speeds of processing any where from 2 weeks to 4 months.

Finalize Construction Pricing

Using the permitted approved drawings, our construction team can accurately bid your home for completion

Complete the Site Preparation

The site will be prepared for the modular unit.  This will include any grading, tree removal, utility trenching, and pouring the foundation

Build the Core and Deliver to Site

The core will be constructed in the factory, then transported to the site, and craned onto the foundation

Complete the On-site Build

The local contractor will complete the remaining elements including the site framing, roofing, siding, and interior trim.

Get your project started

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